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Tip For New Dog Owners:

Dog-proof your home. Just like you would protect a new baby from hazards such as toxic substances left around, electrical cords, and small objects that can be swallowed or choked on, your dog’s safety is just as important.  Some dogs love to chew on electrical cords, we recommend getting cord covers and tucking cords away as much as possible. If you have houseplants you will want to research and make sure it is not toxic to your dog.  Some very common houseplants such as Aloe and Philodendron are poisonous to dogs and you may need to move them out of reach as well.


DID you know that every three days plaque starts to build on your dog’s teeth regardless of how much they chew on toys or dental products?  The only way to be certain to help keep your dogs teeth clean is to brush them daily with dog safe toothpaste (try to find a enzymatic toothpaste).


Oral Hygiene:

Breath is not the sole issue at hand when it comes to oral hygiene; did you know that keeping plaque off your dog's teeth can add two or three years to their life? And that's in people years! When dogs have poor oral hygiene, their mouth becomes a central place for bacterial growth fueled by leftover food. The bacteria will grow and fester, and given enough time, will start to spread to the inner parts of the dog's body.


Did you know that to have your dog's teeth professional cleaned by a veternarian it could cost you at least couple HUNDRED DOLLARS and along with the expense your dog could be sedated to have their teeth scraped and cleaned.


So, what is the best way you can prevent dental diseases, prolong your dog's life, and save money in the long run? The answer is simple: Brush your dog's teeth regularly have your groomer on a set schedule to do it, and yourself.  That way you can avoid some of those costly dental visits to your veterinarian.

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