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Terms and Conditons

Terms and Conditions:
Any person bringing in/picking up a pet hereby states they are the pet owner and/or have been granted permission by the pet owner to act on the pet owners behalf and assumes all responsibilities and charges for the pet, and will now be referred to as the pet owner and/or client in this agreement. All pets will be listed as and charged according to the breed they most closely resemble in size, hair, and looks according to AKC breeds and standards. Any pet that has not been picked up or has not previously discussed a pick-up time with an employee of K-9 Pro Cuts after 72 hours of completion of services will be turned over to the local adoption agency or humane society and hereby agrees not to hold K-9 Pro Cuts responsible for anything that happens after that point. Pet owner may inquire fees and charges with K-9ProCuts and agencies that will be the sole responsibility of pet owner to pay.

Our number one concern is and always will be the safety of each pet, the customers, and our employees. If we feel it is necessary a muzzle may be used at any time and or services may be refused or discontinued at any given notice. If at any time we need to use a muzzle there may be an additional charged applied to the bill at the owner’s expense.
At any given time if a pet may have an allergic reaction to any product even ones previously used, some products carry more of a risk than others for example Flea and Tick shampoos. K-9 Pro Cuts is not responsible for any form of allergic reaction your pet may have from our use of pet products. As pet owner you hereby agree to not hold K-9 Pro Cuts or any of its employees monetary or physically responsible for any and all allergic reactions, negative side effects, and/or harm that the pet may have succumbed to before, during, or after the pets’ time with K-9 Pro Cuts. Please consult with a veterinarian prior to having your dog groomed if you have any concerns about your pet(s) well-being.

K-9 Pro Cuts requires your pet(s) proof of current rabies vaccination. For the safety of all pets and people we do strongly recommended you have your pet(s) vaccinated against ALL infectious and communicable diseases. Even though a pet has been vaccinated there is a lesser chance but still possible for a pet to get an infectious or communicable disease. This is not due to any conditions and/or services we offer at K-9 Pro Cuts. The pet owner hereby relinquishes K-9 Pro Cuts from being monetary or physically responsible for any reason if the pet(s) does become ill with any communicable disease while at or after being at our store for any period of time. K-9 Pro Cuts has the right to refuse any service(s) and/or entry into our facilities for any pet that is showing signs of or appears to have any disease of any kind.

At times we may give our thoughts and opinions on different matters concerning your pet(s), we are NOT veterinarians and have no professional schooling on a pets health and conditions. We highly recommended you consult with your veterinarian on anything we might suggest before you attempt or try anything. The pet owner or person acting on the behalf of the pet owner hereby will not hold K-9 Pro Cuts responsible for any form of reaction or injuries a pet might have succumbed to due to any recommendations or suggestions that an employee or representative of K-9 Pro Cuts might offer.

It is the pet owners’ responsibility to notify K-9 Pro Cuts of any per-existing or current medical conditions no matter how insignificant the pet owner feels it may be. K-9 Pro Cuts cannot be held responsible for any previous or current medical condition your pet may have or the exasperation of the condition for any time period during or after the pets stay.

Pet owners hereby agree that as pet owner they acknowledge that their pets may act and respond one way at home and/or with pet owners, but respond completely different when the pet is away from home and/or away from pet owner. By acknowledging this the pet owner is stating they are aware the pet may cause harm to pets-self and/or others for example but not limited to may bite at kennel and break a tooth or possible scratch and/or paw at its face and body.

K-9 Pro Cuts will not perform any services on a pet that has been given or appears to have been given any form of sedatives whether it is prescribed or over the counter. If the pet is already somehow in our care and it starts to show signs we will contact the pet owner instantly upon recognition to come pick up the pet immediately. If K-9 Pro Cuts is unsuccessful in reaching the pet owners or the pet owner is not able to come that instant to pick up the pet it will be turned over and left at any veterinarian clinic of K-9 Pro Cuts choice, without performing/finishing any services on the pet and there will be a fee charged for this occurrence. The pet owner will be responsible for any fees or charges acquired at the veterinarian clinic the pet was taken to and left at.

If there is an emergency during your pet(s) time at K-9 Pro Cuts you hereby authorize any employee or representative of K-9 Pro Cuts to do whatever is necessary for the safety and well-being of your pet. If your pet becomes ill, injured, or needs any sort of medical attention we will attempt to contact the owner first. If K-9 Pro Cuts is unsuccessful in reaching the pet(s) owner than you hereby authorize K-9 Pro Cuts to act on your behalf and seek out medical attention of any veterinarian and you the owner of the pet will be responsible for any charges or expenses occurred.

All photos and videos taken by any person at K-9 Pro Cuts is the sole property of K-9 Pro Cuts Inc.. K-9 Pro Cuts owns the rights to all pictures and videos taken by a K-9 Pro Cuts employee, representative, or anyone acting on behalf of K-9 Pro Cuts interest. K-9 Pro Cuts management may use any pictures and videos taken for any purpose they deem warranted including but not limited to marketing, posting on social media sites, and contests. If by chance there is any form of gain, example but not limited, monetary or socially by pictures and/or videos taken by or given to K-9 Pro Cuts employee's or clients then K-9 Pro Cuts will be recognized as the rightful and sole recipient of said gains. If K-9 Pro Cuts comes to find any person that has made a gain of any form by a picture or video that was taken by anyone without written consent at any location of K-9 Pro Cuts and/or any location that K-9 Pro Cuts is present at, then the person with the gain hereby surrenders their gain to K-9 Pro Cuts Inc. and to pay for any legal fees that may arise from collecting gain and/or fame from picture or video that was taken without written consent.

Cancellation policy: If customer has to cancel appointment please give K-9ProCuts a 48hour notice to avoid acquiring any late cancellation fees that may or may not be applied to account without notice. K-9ProCuts does understand emergencies arise without notice and will work with you on those. If you have to cancel or no show for three consecutive appointments you may be required to pay for future appointments at time of booking or in advance.

K-9 Pro Cuts DE-MATTING POLICY: states that our normal grooming charges do not include *De-matting. Definition of a mat- A densely woven or thickly tangled mass: e.g. a mat of hair. There is an additional charge required to de-matt any pet(s). We will not de-matt any elderly, infirm, severely matted, sedated, or aggressive dogs. We do apologize for the inconvenience but it is for the health and safety of the pet(s). *Please note: We groom humanely, pet(s) severely matted will be shaved, and an additional fee will be applied to your bill.

FLEA POLICY: All pet(s) with fleas or ticks will be given a flea bath, and all areas the pet has come into contact with will be treated at the owners’ expense. K-9 Pro Cuts will do our best to try and inform pet owner of this before it is done but is not required to do so. The cost of this service varies depending on the size of the pet(s). The pet owner agrees not to hold K-9 Pro Cuts and/or employees and/or representatives of K-9ProCuts responsible for any form of allergic reaction and/or self-harm such as but not limited to these examples: scratching at face, eyes, or body during or after its time at K-9 Pro Cuts from the use of manufactured recommended pet products that K-9 Pro Cuts uses. We never use anything but Hypo allergenic shampoo on face, head, and neck. We will not apply flea shampoo to or around the face, head, or neck. The Flea Policy is for the health and comfort of your pet(s) and all other pet(s) in our care, and is not optional if your pet(s) does have fleas.


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